6 in 1 Safety Edge Manual Can Opener, Jar Opener, Bottle Opener, Twist Top Opener, Pull Tab Pry & Lid Pry - Replace Six Kitchen Tools & Say Goodbye To Sharp Can Lids - The Everything Opener

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  • ➤ NO SHARP EDGES – The unique design of the safety edge can opener cuts the can lid from the side under the lip, so you can easily remove it with your fingers. There are absolutely no sharp lid edges.
  • ➤ OPENS EVERYTHING – This awesome opener not only opens cans, it also has a built in jar opener, bottle opener, screw top opener with two sizes (for big or small bottles), and a hook to pry pull tabs or lids.
  • ➤ SAVE MONEY – Consolidate your kitchen tools with the Mangez Bien 6 in 1 ….well….Everything opener. Replace six kitchen tools with one, or bring it with you on the go. You’ll never get stuck having to ask for help opening a can, jar or bottle again.
  • ➤ GREAT FOR EVERY UTENSIL BIN – This kitchen gadget comes in handy on camping trips, in small kitchens, during power outages, or just everyday use. Really, this tool is for every kitchen. It’s compact and saves space too. So you don’t have to worry about not being able to close the silverware drawer.
  • ➤ MANGEZ BIEN GUARANTEE – Your purchase is backed by a full year manufacturer warranty. We guarantee the sharpness of our opener's blade wheels (otherwise referred to as teeth). If any time within the first full year your opener stops opening cans we will repair or replace the teeth at our own cost. Please be sure to download video demonstration for instructions on use!