Pen Pal Pen Holder, Assorted Colors (PENPAL-BP1)

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TOPS Products are designed to help simplify your life. Whether at work, school or home, we aim to make it easy for consumers to both use and choose the products we make. The TOPS Pen Pal is the great little pen holder you can stick anywhere. Use it in hundreds of places around your home, office and classroom. You can securely hold a variety of pen and pencil sizes with this unique little holder. Its thin shape allows for use in even the narrowest spaces. This non-toxic rubbery material holder adheres strongly to most surfaces without causing damage. You can count on the TOPS Pen Pal to keep you organized in even the smallest and busiest places.

  • Flexible design holds a variety of pen sizes
  • Sticks to most surfaces
  • Great for use in the car, on notepads, clipboards, computers, calendars, shopping lists, guest books, desks and a hundred other places
  • Perfect for use at home, work and in the classroom
  • Includes one piece of any of five standard colors: red, light green, light blue, dark blue and dark grey