Thomas Lab I Stain Powder (12 oz)

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Thomas Labs I Stain Powder is a supplement works to naturally combat tear stains in dogs and cats caused by red yeast, one of the most common causes of tear stains in pets. The enzymebased formula contains natural ingredients including probiotics and calcium that will not harm your furry friend. The goal of this supplement is to adjust the body's pH balance to a healthy level, making the environment hostile for the yeast to live in. Choose the healthy and natural alternative to battling tear stains for lasting results Naturally combats tear stains in dogs and cats Contains natural ingredients and probiotics Does not contain the harmful antibiotic, tylosin Produces longlasting results Powder form that can be given during or after meals

  • Combats unwanted red yeast eye stains
  • All-natural ingredients; antibiotic-free
  • Enzyme based, water-soluble supplement high in probiotics
  • Works to correct problems with digestion and bacterial overgrowth
  • Made in USA