Wine-A-Rita CosmoRita Frozen Cocktail Mix, 12 Ounce Pack, Makes 72 Ounces

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The CosmoRita mix is a product developed by Wine-A-Rita. CosmoRita is a refreshing twist on a trendy city classic, with a combination of the cosmopolitan and frozen cocktail

  • All you need is CosmoRita mix, ice, a bottle of wine and a blender to create a fun twist on the classic Cosmopolitan.
  • Blend with any white wine, Rosé or Vodka. For alcohol-free, blend with ginger ale.
  • Makes 2 blenders and 72 ounces full of frozen delight.
  • Made in the USA and Kosher.
  • Easy-to-make recipe in less than 3 minutes.